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What do we offer?

RAKO Raamatupidamise Büroo OÜ offers accounting services, human resources management services, management and financial management consultancy services. Find out more!


Competitive advantages of RAKO

Why should you choose Rako Raamatupidamise Büroo OÜ as your cooperation partner?
• We provide service in Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and English
• We offer small businesses most of the support services they need
• Long-term experience – over 25 years
• Experienced and knowledgeable staff – all of our accountants are chief accountants with a higher education
• A stable workforce
• Personalisation – each company has its own accountant who is familiar with the client’s wishes and needs
• Flexibility – different options, packages, and agreements
• Good, capable business software – the possibility to use SAF business software with a wide range of features
• Liability insurance for accountants – professional liability insurance covers potential losses arising from accounting
• Member of the Estonian Taxpayers’ Association since 2006

New client starter package

For a new client
• We offer new clients a start-up package that includes a free initial consultation, accounting set-up, and comprehensive free assistance concerning all company-related matters during the first month of service. The package is valid with a minimum 3-month service contract.

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Start-up business starter kit

For the entrepreneurial person who wants to start a business
Starting a business is not easy, especially when you are the owner and the company is your first. This is where experience and knowledge are often found to be in short supply and expert advice, help, and input is needed to get things up and running. Future entrepreneurial success is also dependent upon how well and correctly things are done.

We know how, and we want to be the first choice for local start-ups, which is why we offer a starter package that includes:

• A free initial consultation
• Company formation (the client must pay the state fee when setting up the company)
• Setting up the accounting system
• Free assistance concerning company-related matters during the first month of service

The package is valid with a minimum 3-month service contract.

Accounting for companies operating in Finland

Finnish companies
We provide accounting services to Finnish companies in accordance with applicable legislation. Our cooperation partner is a reliable Finnish accounting firm, with whom we carry out all the necessary procedures, including audits.
Finnish business partner

Accounting for companies operating in Finland

Estonian companies operating in Finland
When taking up business in Finland, entrepreneurs are often unaware of their obligations before the Finnish state. We have been a partner in this area since 2011 and have helped to clarify whether and with which Finnish registers a company must register and what obligations this entails.

We offer companies operating in Finland:

• Registration of the company in the Prepayment Register, the VAT Register, and the Employer Register
• Accounting services with consultation
• Communication with the Finnish Tax Administration
Finnish business partner

On-site accounting

The most effective way to resolve work-related issues
We offer the possibility of providing one of our accountants to work on-site at your company. The service itself is comparable to a situation where you have an employee, but are not obliged to give them a holiday or find someone to replace them. We take care of the employee’s holiday and, if necessary, find a replacement..

The work of an accountant is cyclical in nature, and by using the service, you will be able to better plan your costs, while only paying for the time actually worked. The company is also freed from having to pay for hardware, software, and refresher training related to the accountant’s job.
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